Day 74: Energy Transfer Model Lab Practicum

Students applied the energy transfer model to devise an experiment to determine the spring constant of the spring in the projectile launchers. Every group eventually ended up launching the projectile straight up and equating the spring potential energy to the maximum gravitational potential energy. Groups used different measurement techniques, but capturing the maximum height with cell phones was popular. Some groups used both the yellow projectile and the steel projectile. Surprisingly, they calculated significantly different spring constants for the different projectiles. Clearly, some of our assumptions are not accurate. Fodder for a future discussion!


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Day 73: Energy Transfer Model Whiteboards

Students are now solving sophisticated problems by applying the energy transfer model and utilizing LOL diagrams in particular. I’m very pleased with the progression of problems in this unit on how they continue to incorporate more aspects of previous models we’ve studied. This problem is one of the easier ones since energy is not transferred between the system and the environment, but the group did a good job applying various representations to the problem.


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