Day 181: Packing the Office

The physical science teachers are busy packing up our office. Over the summer, the ductwork in the ceiling will be replaced, the carpet may be replaced, and there may even be new furniture (we kind of have that 1980s flea market vibe). Kind of a pain to deal with at the end of the school year with everything else that needs to be done, but it is a good opportunity for everyone to clean up, recycle, and trash a bunch of stuff. I’ve been taking a bag of books home every day for over a week. I’m starting to bring a bag and a box home now since there’s less than a week of school left!



Day 180: Mass Plot from CMS Masterclass

This isn’t from today, but following up on the CMS Masterclass which was featured in a few daily posts. After completing the activity, we had a question about our mass plot based on about 1300 events.


We discussed the J/psi at 3 GeV, the upsilon at 9 GeV, the Z at 91 GeV, and the Higgs at 125 GeV. There was a peak at 71 GeV which I couldn’t explain. After checking with a couple of physicists at Fermilab, it appears that the 71 GeV bump is a statistical fluctuation.

Fantastic activity for students. Find and attend a Particle Physics Masterclass next year if you can!

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Day 178: Senior Awards Assembly

Today we celebrated many of the talents and accomplishments of the senior class before their graduation at the Senior Awards Assembly. During the assembly, we premiered Naperville North’s Happy video as inspired by Pharrell Williams. this year’s FIRST Robotics robot, Annie, and I had a brief appearance.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.58.50 AM

As it turned out, graduation was canceled after we all got soaked in the stadium. So, I’ll write about graduation tomorrow.

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Day 177: Detecting Muons in the Classroom

Today was the seniors’ last day in AP Physics B, and we spent the day completing the end-of-year survey, playing with some of their favorite pieces of lab equipment (van der Graaf generator, Windhurst machine, kinetic spheres, etc.), and finishing our particle physics unit by observing the tracks of muons generated from upper-atmosphere cosmic ray collisions in my cloud chamber. I made the cloud chamber as part of a QuarkNet workshop. The cloud chamber was working beautifully and several students appeared entranced by the tracks.



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Day 176: LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge!

Today was seniors’ last day in AP Computer Science. Each group (including underclassmen), attempted to complete this year’s LEGO MINDSTORMS challenge which was to push all six jars out of the circle as quickly as possible without leaving the circle. Kim and Nova had the most successful robot, completing the task in 22 seconds. I wish I had a video of their 22-second performance, but I did capture their encore run.

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Day 175: Searching for the Z and Higgs Boson

My AP Physics B class continues to review events from CMS in hopes of determining the mass of the Z and Higgs bosons. This is a great exercise for students to experience uncertainty. One students asked today if particle physicists have more sophisticated tools to make them more confident in their characterization of events. While they do, the question created the opportunity to discuss how through many, many events that comprise the mass plot, we can build our confidence in our conclusions despite our uncertainty about any particular event.

For these two students, one or even two laptops were insufficient for their event analysis. They used two school laptops and their personal laptops!


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