Day 78: Capstones! (Featuring High-Altitude Balloon Post Mortem)

Today is the last day for students to work on their capstones since they are due tonight. I’ll share some of the published capstones later. The in-progress capstone that I’m featuring today is a student who is performing a post mortem analysis on Physics Club’s recent high-altitude balloon launch. We’ve launched several high-altitude balloons in the past and our most recent launch was a couple of weeks ago. The payload encountered very high winds during flight and it appears that the tracking device became separated from the rest of the balloon and payload around 80,000 feet. As a result, we only recovered the tracking device and not the rest of the payload with our parachute, sensors, data, and video cameras. We are hopeful that someone will find the payload and give us a call as our name and phone number are on it. This capstone is modeling where the payload may have landed based on when the balloon burst. Lots of area to search!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.25.34 AM


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