Day 117: Refraction, Lenses, Inverted Images

Today, we tied up a bunch of loose ends related to refraction, total internal reflection, and lenses. We discussed the lenses lab and groups readily made the connection between the properties of images formed by converging lenses and those formed by concave mirrors as well as those formed by diverging lenses and those formed by convex mirrors. In an attempt to make these properties more relatable, we focused on examples of lenses being used in these different configurations. One example was the LCD projector. When I pointed out that, unlike the lab, the image from the LCD projector was not inverted, several students quickly countered that the image on the LCD in the projector must start out inverted. That led to a discussion about how the image projected on the retina of your eye must be inverted and your brain adjusts for that. Less than a minute after I shared that glasses exist that will invert the world, students found these:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.52.35 PM

From that article is a link to a pair for $25. I’m very tempted. Anyone try these?

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