Day 124: Measurement and Analysis Assessment

I was at the NSTA National Conference in Chicago today. My students did something different while I was gone. My colleagues and I have been working on a series of measurement and analysis assessments. We plan to administer these to the AP Physics 1/2/C classes and track how students do throughout the year and from year to year. We defined the following standards:

  1. Retrieve quantitative data from an experimental source and organize it in a data table denoting; units, dependent/independent variable.
  2. Properly plot data and determine type of fit, fitness of fit, establish mathematical model with proper units.
  3. Properly analyze and make sense of the slope and intercept of the derived mathematical model.
  4. Apply the model to a different situation.

For the first assessment we used the Direct Measurement video of the Ping Pong Cannon.


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