Day 133: Photoelectric Effect Extended Response

Today, my AP Physics 2 students completed the second half of their photoelectric effect summative lab. Using their data, graph, and analysis from yesterday, they wrote a paragraph-length response to the following prompt:

Do these experiments support the wave model of light or the particle (quantum) model of light? Support your claim with multiple examples based on evidence from the experiments that both support your selected model and refute the other model. You should reference every experiment performed yesterday in your response.

Yesterday, students measured the relationship between stopping potential and light intensity and light frequency. They also measured the relationship between time to charge the capacitor and light intensity.

This prompt was pretty much the same as what I used to include as discussion questions for this lab. However, this year, to help students prepare for the AP Physics 2 exam, I’m taking some of the lab discussion question and making them into paragraph-length response questions that students complete in class with limited time.

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