Day 29: Inertia Activity Stations

Today in Honors Physics, we explored inertia and Newton’s First Law with seven activity stations and two demos (handout). Some of the activities are familiar (seatbelt Barbie, spin the human, nuts about hoops & bottles), some provide a shared experience for a later discussion of impulse (toilet paper, chopping blocks), and some blow their minds and lead to a great discussion (hitting the stake, floating fishing bobber). One demo is the classic clearing the table and the other is less familiar but equally impressive in which eggs are dropped into cups of water. (Blog post with photos and videos of some of the activities.)



3 thoughts on “Day 29: Inertia Activity Stations”

  1. I’m actually not familiar with these activities. Would you be able to provide a bit more detail/background? I’d certainly be interested!

  2. Absolutely! I added a link to the handout that describes each station a bit. In addition, I added a link to an earlier blog post with photos and videos of some of the activities.

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