Day 68: Reassessments

We restructured Honors Physics significantly this year. In previous years, reassessments were overwhelming at times. There were occasions where sixty students who show up after school for reassessments. This year, with our adjustments to the grading scale and standards-based grading, we have much more reasonable numbers. The students who should be reassessing are for the most part and those that don’t really need to aren’t. Yesterday afternoon had a typical turnout:



3 thoughts on “Day 68: Reassessments”

    1. We went from our binary (mastery) system of grading to a 1-5 scale. Pros and cons to the change in grading scale. It’s still grading šŸ™

      We still offer one reassessment opportunity outside of class time. We now regularly have formative quizzes for feedback only before the end-of-unit summative exams.

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