Day 2: Special Relativity and Classroom Improvements

Today in AP Physics 2, we started discussing special relativity. I like starting with this topic for several reasons. It is a great example of breaking a model and defining a new one. In addition, it requires students to rigorously apply logic in order to uncover the implications of Einstein’s postulates of special relativity. Finally, deriving the time dilation equation with simple geometry and algebra removes the mystery that encompasses special relativity.

I don’t have a photo of us discussing special relativity; so, I took a couple of photos of some summer additions to the classroom. I hung a cool clock that I received as a gift last year. I also now have my walk and don’t walk signs on display. I was going to use them to tell students if they should pick up handouts on the way in the door. With Chromebooks, I hope to have very few handouts; so, I’m not sure how I’ll use the signs.


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