Day 23: Integration of Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader

Today in AP Physics 2, we continued to explore the computational model for the atomic model of an ideal gas by varying the properties of the model (e.g., make the atoms heavier, increase the temperature, decrease the temperature). I also introduced the First Law of Thermodynamics by reviewing the Energy Transfer Model (ETM) from last year.

Outside of class, I started to score some labs. I had students write their labs in Google Docs and submit them to Canvas via the Google Drive integration. As a result, this is what I see in SpeedGrader:


While I can provide comments and make annotations in SpeedGrader via the Crocodoc integration, this isn’t the level of integration with GoogleDocs that I wanted. I want to make comments within SpeedGrader but have those comments reflected in the original Google Doc. I don’t want students to have to go to Canvas to see my feedback on their lab. I want that feedback (suggestions) to be visible whenever they view their lab whether immediately after I score it or weeks later while they are writing a new lab report. To see if this was possible, I asked a student to resubmit his lab by submitting a link to the Google Doc via Canvas (students have already shared a “labs” folder with me in Google Drive and all labs reside in this folder). As a result, this is what I see in SpeedGrader:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.14.01 PM


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