Day 11: More Measurement Uncertainty

I realize that yesterday’s entry was about measurement uncertainty and was a histogram, but this is too cool not to share. I didn’t take a look at the data for the measurement uncertainty activity involving the elapsed time of a cart on a ramp. When we setup this activity, we gathered all of the data in a single spreadsheet, but we setup two stations (two ramps, two cars, two set of photogates) in a similar manner (same starting position of cart, same position of photogates, similar angle of inclination). The angle of inclination wasn’t set as precisely as I could have set it. When I saw the histogram this morning and when I shared it with the students during class today, we all had the same insight: each of the two peaks corresponds to the two setups! I thought this was an awesome example of the insight large sets of data can provide when analyzed.

cart on ramp histogram


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