Days 148-150: AP Physics 2 Exam Review

Over these three days, students worked in pairs to analyze their performance AP Physics 2 practice exam. On the first day, students worked with a partner to review the multiple choice questions that they missed and read through the annotated solutions for the practice exam. I captured any question that a pair had to discuss with the entire class later.

On the second day, students continued to review their performance on the multiple choice portion of the exam. We also discussed the most frequently missed multiple choice questions as a class.

On the third day, we shifted to the free response portion of the exam. I scored it very strictly, and scores were lower than I expected. We’ll see how the practice exam compares to the actual AP Physics 2 exam in a few days. We focused primarily on the first two free response questions, and specifically on how the short answer and paragraph-length responses need to written carefully to ensure that the question asked is being answered.


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