Days 151 – 154: AP Physics 2 Exam Review

I had an extended absence from school. As a result, I’m grouping the days I was gone into chunks to at least capture the time period. The next two weeks shouldn’t be considered model lessons, but they worked out okay.

On the first day, I gave students sample free response question #3 from the Course and Exam Description document since they needed more practice with short response questions.

The next three days, students work in pairs at their own pace. First they tackled the sample multiple choice questions from the Course and Exam Description document. Discussing each answer with their partner as they progressed and discussing with others pairs when questions remained.

After completing the multiple choice, pairs reviewed a set of review notes that I prepared based on gaps I identified based on the results of the practice AP exam and questions that were asked in class. One topic about which students had questions was entropy. I love Knight’s College Physics text that we are using this year. However, I have found the Etkina’s College Physics text has a better section on entropy, microstates, and macrostates. So, I had students read that section as a supplement.

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